How to Integrate Elasticsearch into Node.js

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Hi Everyone, in my case mssql server complex query,
Results from the database return too late,
i try to solution in my-case i m need recommendation
how to do all people :slight_smile: where i m used this is have a b2b web app in have filter menu if client select more then filter when send when select it send paramerter nodejs web services
but more late return to data i m need to speed and i want used Elasticsearch but i m need iade
thank you so much

my where clause

Where cdItem.ItemTypeCode=1
and cdItem.ProductTypeCode=1
AND PrItemVariant.IsBlocked=0
and cdItem.IsBlocked=0 
and ProductAttributes.ProductAtt12 = 'E'
case when @WhereSearch =1 then ProductHierarchy.ProductHierarchyLevel02 
	when @WhereSearch =2 then ProductHierarchy.ProductHierarchyLevel03
	when @WhereSearch =3 then  ProductAttributeDescriptions.ProductAtt01Desc
= @CategoryText 
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