How to Integrate Elasticsearch with MS SQL Server

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Currently i am trying to integrate Elasticsearch 5.1 with MS SQL 2014, I have gone through the following blog ( but i wont help me much.

I have installed the Elasticsearch on my windows system using msi. But i am using it from CMD console.

Can anyone provide me proper steps to integrate this.

Thanks in Advance

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This article is so old (no date but it mentions rivers which have been removed).

Have a look at Logstash JDBC input. That might be a good fit.

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The SSIS Components for Elasticsearch by CData Software offer native integration between SQL Server and Elasticsearch.

There are two accompanying articles for the components:

Importing data into SQL Server
Exporting data from SQL Server

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Thanks for sharing that! It'd be great if you could also let people know you work for the company you are promoting in future :slight_smile:

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