How to integrate elasticsearch with multiple MS access database

(Nishan Singh) #1

we have multiple MS access database and i want to search in those mdb using elasticsearch.
is it possible to do that using any plugin.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Does it support JDBC?

(Nishan Singh) #3

it's actually odbc database. can odbc database call from elasticsearch jdbc plugin

(Russ Cam) #4

You would need to import the data from the Access database into Elasticsearch in order to search over it.

It may be possible to use a third party JDBC driver for MS Access in conjunction with Logstash JDBC input plugin to index the data into Elasticsearch.

An alternative may be to write a small .NET program that uses OleDbConnection and the .NET client to bulk index the data from Access into Elasticsearch.

(Nishan Singh) #5

Thanks Russ for the reply
Right now I m doing that only but I m just search for the possibility of accessing data directly from mdb using elasticsearch.

(Russ Cam) #6

That's not possible; Elasticsearch needs to index the data in order to search it.

(system) #7

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