How to integrate logstash in nodejs application?

I'm working on node application and my main goal is to maintain the logs (error, info) of the backend part in logstash so that I could do some analysis of which api is breaking and why. I'm new to logstash and I read some basics of the logstash and elastic stacks. I want to achieve the following -

  • Integrate logstash to maintain the logs.
  • Read the logs to analysis the breaking changes.

I don't want to integrate the elastic search and kibana. If anyone knows how to implement the above thing in nodejs application, Please let me know.

Logstash is an ERTL tool and does not really allow you to perform much in terms of analyis. This is generally done through Elasticsearch, which Logstash writes data to, and Kibana is often the tool. It would probably help if you could elaborate on what type of analysis you are looking to perform.

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