How to interpret a merge TRACE log?


After enabling merge log like this:

PUT /_cluster/settings

I'm getting tons of TRACE messages. One of merge thread executed during 1265.6s

merge thread elasticsearch[hostname1][[idx1][41]:
Lucene Merge Thread #2753]
estSize=5072.3 MB (written=5069.5 MB)
runTime=1265.6s (stopped=0.0s, paused=944.5s)
rate=5.0 MB/sec

But I'd like to know what paused means.

  • Did merge thread pause for 944 second?
  • Or Lucene indexing paused for 944 second?

I think merge thread has to work for about 1,000 seconds with 5MB rate to merge 5GB segment. So I don't get what 'paused=944.5s` means and what's the effect of long paused time.

Thanks for advanced answer.

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