How to iterate getting the next data using scroll

I have the following low level request (.Net):

var scroll = client.LowLevel.Search<StringResponse>(SearchIndex, queryText,
     new SearchRequestParameters()
                 Scroll = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5)

I am getting back Hits and a _scroll_id

I can process the Hits, but I don't know how to iterate on the scroll id and get the rest of the data.

In particular, I'm looking for how to code the fetches given the scroll id, something like:

var scroll2 = client.LowLevel.Scroll<StringResponse>(   ?? somehow encode the _scroll_id ??  );

-Thanks in advance

I don't know how to code that in .Net but the documentation shows a REST call:

POST /_search/scroll 
    "scroll" : "1m", 
    "scroll_id" : "DXF1ZXJ5QW5kRmV0Y2gBAAAAAAAAAD4WYm9laVYtZndUQlNsdDcwakFMNjU1QQ==" 

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