How to let kibana show an index metadata like elasticsearch-head does

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I am new to kibana, so apologize first if this question has been asked before but I just can't find the answer. So how do let kibana show an index's metadata like elasticsearch-head does, e.g. mapping



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Hi @qiulang,

Kibana gives you a couple of options here. You can use the DevTools feature to issue requests to elasticsearch directly:

Or if you are using our default distribution (the "Basic" free license), then we have a dedicated Index Management screen which gives you all of this information as well:

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Hi thanks for replying my question. I am using DevTools to get the info now.
About your "default distribution" you mentioned is that a commercial version I need to buy ? I can't find the related information about it.


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The default distribution is the version from our main product download pages:

This version comes bundled with a set of additional free features under our Basic license, including the Index Management UI I mentioned above. While there are commercial features included, you don't have to pay for them if you don't want to use them.

Here's a breakdown of the various license options available to you:

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I see it now why I have this question in the first place! My management does not have Elasticsearch section. How do I make it show Elasticsearch section ?

BTW I install kibana using brew, maybe this is the reason ?

Update: I found brew downloaded kibana-6.4.1.high_sierra.bottle.tar.gz not kibana-6.4.1-darwin-x86_64.tar.gz

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Ah yes, Brew does not include any of the x-pack features, including the free ones like Index Management. If you install Kibana directly from our site, then you should have everything you need

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