How to login to Kibana embedded in an iframe using API

I have a ReactJS and Go based web application. I have a Kibana dashboard embedded in an iframe. Now when a user logs into the application, then that user must be automatically logged into Kibana as well. And the Kibana dashboard shown after logging in should be that user's. If another user logs in then the dashboard should be that user's and so on. I have seen previous solutions but there have been some changes I guess over time. Can anyone please guide me on how to do this? Is there any API that I can directly use or do I need some form of SSO login process? I am fairly new to ELK stack so I am a bit confused. Thanks in advance!

Hello @Sanchet_Nagarnaik, welcome to the community!

You can pass in an authorization header as described in this thread: Auto-authenticating to iframe-embedded Kibana dashboard

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