How to lower the score of documents that match a specific field and value using ElasticSearch DSL C#

When I carry out a search I look for documents with a lang code of 'en' and 'gen', im trying to ensure that the 'en' ones appear before the 'gen' ones do. So after looking around, I found this Boosting that might fit the bill as I don't want to completely exclude the 'gen' results..just drop the score a tad.
Below is what I have so far.. when I try to use the .Boosting, it renders the .Bool section unuseable.. Still quite new to this so any help would be greatly appreciate

SearchDescriptor<ExpandoObject> searchDescriptor = new SearchDescriptor<ExpandoObject>()
            .Index(!searchModel.IndexesToSearch.Any() ? Indices.All : Indices.Index(searchModel.IndexesToSearch))
            IPromise<IList<ISort>> SortDescriptor(SortDescriptor<ExpandoObject> s) => s.Field(searchModel.SortByField, searchModel.SortByOrder);
List<Func<QueryContainerDescriptor<ExpandoObject>, QueryContainer>> filters = new List<Func<QueryContainerDescriptor<ExpandoObject>, QueryContainer>>();
                foreach (var filter in searchModel.FilterValues)
                    filters.Add(fq => fq.Terms(t => t.Field(filter.FieldToSearch.Trim()).Terms(filter.Values)));
                    .Query(q => q
                        //.Boosting(b => b
                        //    .Name("language")
                        //    .Negative(qq => qq
                        //        .MatchAll(m => m
                        //            .Name("gen")))
                        //    .NegativeBoost(0.2)
                        .Bool(b => b
                                .Should(s => s 
                                    .MultiMatch(m => m
                                        .Fields( string.Join(',', searchModel.FieldsToSearch))

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