How to make doc which has more different words score higher?

Hi everyone,
I have a problem about scoring in es. The thing is that I use multi_match to do full text search in muti-fields and use the type "best_fields", say, user_name, biz_type, account_name, content... When I use, say "google play" to search(the search analyzer is standard analyzer), I always get a doc with "play" before "google play", after see explain result, I found that the doc with only "play" has three fields with word "play"(user_name, account_name, content); but other docs with "google play" has just one field with the word "google play"(biz_type), so the doc with "play" in three fields sroces higher than docs with "google play".
What I expected is that all docs with "google play" should have higher rank than doc with only "play", is there any param that can controll this? I thought this shoud be a normal requirement, but searched eveything I can but I just find nothing...
Thank you guys~

Anyone can help? Really need your help!

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