How to Make Incremental Snapshot

Hii guyz,,

I am trying out the snapshot/restore feature in ES.Can Anyone provide the details that how can i make my snapshot incremental??Without Using Crone job.

Please Help Me Out.

It is incremental by nature.
What is your concern?

if i add new index in ES. IS It automatically take backup of that index or not?? or i have to do something Else??

I don't believe snapshots can be scheduled. You'd have to cron them. I
believe you can use an index pattern to run them on all indexes though.

thanks nik9000....!! is there anyway to scheduled my snapshot without cron job.

No. You need something to call _snapshot endpoint.

May be in the future with Management API but not yet.

ElasticSearch by default came with incremental backup feature.If we to create a new index and the you need to take snapshot for that index.ElasticSearch will not take snapshot without specifying to it.