How to make it work?!

i have a problem and i cannot deal with it. In my pipeline configuration i have this code:

   if "%{[process][thread][id]}" =~ "[a-z0-9]+/[a-z0-9]+" {
      mutate {
         split => {
           "[process][thread][id]" => "/"
        add_field => {
         "[event][trace][id]" => "%{[process][thread][id][0]}"
         "[event][span][id]" => "%{[process][thread][id][1]}"

This is another variation of mutate filter and this one isn't working at all.
What i want to attainted is to filter all messages not like this [/]
My grok filter:

   grok {
      match => {
        "message" => [
          "^%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:[timestamp]} \[%{NOTSPACE:[process][thread][id]}\] %{SPACE}?%{LOGLEVEL:[log][level]} %{NOTSPACE:[event][class]}: - %{GREEDYDATA:[event][message]}"

Any help will be appreciated.

That should be

if [process][thread][id] =~

@Badger looks like it's working. Thank you good Sir. I will test it on other indicies and will mark this as solved.

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