How to make Kibana Filters use Filter Context instead of Query Context?

We are using Kibana v6.8.1 to search log messages

When we try to filter messages using the "Filter for value" icon like so:

we notice Kibana generates search query with a match_phrase clause in Query Context, like so:


The query clause triggers scoring and from search profiling we see that scoring is taking a lot of time

Instead of using Kibana UI filters, if we typed the lucene query fields.cloud_service:query-service in the Kibana text field, it is orders of magnitude faster. In this case Kibana generates a match_phrase in Filter Context. Since this is running in Filter Context, there is no scoring involved and the search are much faster.


Is there a reason why Kibana UI filters do not use Filter Context by default? Is there an option to force Kibana UI filters to use Filter Context instead of Query Context?

Dear Rajiv,
Unfortunately, the behavior of filters when using Kibana KQL is set and cannot be configured to use the filter context. Fortunately, you've already found the workaround for 6.8.1! From v7.4.0, filters use the correct context.

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