How to make logstash to automatically detect new pipleines configuration and execute them?

Hii.I am using logstash to ingest data from four different data sources from i.e Elasticsearch,mongodb,textfile and mysql.My requirement is,that I will specify a directory path and logstash will read pipeline configuration and will execute them.But all this pipeline configuration will be not be present at once.After every particular interval of time different logstash configuration pipeline will get added to this directory.I want logstash to check this directory for new config pipelines and if there is any new configuration pipelines,execute them.

How can I achieve this ?

Hi @Husnain

Is this what you mean?


Hii @zx8086.By configuring config.reload.automatic to true things are running correctly.Thank you

@zx8086 I have one query.When we use file input plugin in logstash,sincedb file gets created in a directory.Can we store the sincedb path into a database?


You can specify the path here. This can be a variable I guess and stored somewhere. What is the reasoning for doing this?

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