Auto Reload conf file + Pipelines.yml

I am running conf files via pipelines.yml.

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    config.reload.automatic: true
    config.reload.interval: 3s
    path.config: "/etc/logstash/conf.d/ds-recentsearch.conf"
    queue.type: persisted
    After setting config.reload.automatic: true I've run service logstash restart command. Now when logstash is already running and am making changes inside ds-recentsearch.conf file its not auto reloading. Inside logstash.yml config.reload.automatic: false is set. Can we set config.reload.automatic: true inside pipelines.yml. Because I dont want to set config.reload.automatic: true for all conf files. So I want to set it true from pipelines.yml.

I believe automatic reload is a global setting, not a per-pipeline setting.

Thanks @Badger.

One more question. If am using pipelines.yml which contains entries for my conf files. Now I am creating new conf file and same config file entry added in pipelines.yml. So if I've set automatic reload global setting to value true. will new conf file is going to start automatic means any changes inside pipelines.yml will also be automatic reloaded?

I believe so, but you can just try it. logstash will log when it reloads the pipelines.

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