S3-input-plugin; restart logstash on aws_credentials_file update

Hey there,

How can I force logstash to restart when my aws_credentials_file is updated?
--config.reload.automatic does not appear to work here as neither the config.yaml or pipelines.yaml files are changing. the aws_credentials_file variable is specified in my pipeline.conf only.



It won't work like that, the auto reload will only trigger when you edit the pipelines config files or the pipelines.yml file, editing any other file will not trigger a reload.

If you want to reload your pipeline when you change the aws_credentials_file you will also need to edit the pipeline configuration that makes reference to this file, any change is enough to trigger a reload.

You will need to do this externally to logstash. Note that updating pipelines.yml may work (I haven't checked for that file but I know appending a blank line is enough of a change to a pipeline configuration to trigger a reload), but if you are scripting this outside of logstash you can also just send it a SIGHUP and leave the configuration alone.

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