How to make query on inside document split


I have a index field Called Test and it contains few documents


<li>Presidency Towns Insolvency, 1909 &mdash; Section 53, 168</li><li>Evidence, 1872 &mdash; Section 45</li><li>Negotiable Instruments, 1881 (NI) &mdash; Section 138, 235, 45</li><li>Negotiable Instruments, 1881 (NI) &mdash; Section 131</li>

Doc2 :- <li>Negotiable Instruments, 1881 (NI) &mdash; Section 131</li><li>Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 (CrPC) &mdash; Section 223</li><li>Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) &mdash; Section 149</li>

I need to search my query between only <li> tags
Query :- Negotiable Instruments, 1881 &mdash; Section 168, 45 (boolean AND) (In doc1 entire text is their but i want to check in only between <li>)
Expected Results: 0

It is NOT very clear to me what you are trying to do.

Do you want to treat each <li> element as a separate document? And when you search for a query, do you want to return separate <li> elements that correspond to your query?

Or are you interested more in a phrase search - looking for a particular phrase inside a document?

Thanks for replay.

I Found solution for this problem, I need to use array for this field. Every <li> consider as array element.

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