How to manage AppSearch's indexes lifecycle?

Hello! I'm currently developing an autocomplete feature for my mobile marketplace using AppSearch, based on my products dataset, stored in my main database.

I currently have about 100K documents loaded on my products index using logstash into AppSearch. The products are managed by houndreds of vendors, so everyday I have a lot of additions and removals in my database that I need to sync with app search. Updating the index on a daily basis seems fine for me.

I made some research regarding how to keep indexes updated on ES, and found two different approaches. Since a massive deletion with a query seems to be resource intensive, one approach is to create a new index every day and dump the older one, and another is to use the new index lifecycle management.

That may be fine when working directly with ES, but I found that AppSearch creates many indexes with custom names. I'm pretty sure that if I try to manipulate those indexes directly in ES I will break AppSearch.

On the other hand, I didn't found anything about index management in AppSearch.

What strategy do you recommend to keep the indexes updated on a daily basis?

Just in case, I'm running the whole ELK in my own docker environment.

Thank you very much!

ps. I've already posted this question in the AppSearch forum but didn't have any responses. Since the index lifecycle is an ES feature, I hope this forum is a better place to post it

You only posted this a day ago and it's the weekend, someone will answer but please have patience. Opening multiple threads can make it harder for people to help as well :slight_smile:

Still no answer :frowning:

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