How to manage logstash within Kibana

Hi, I'm new to Kibana, logstash and elasticsearch. I have just been give a system that was built by someone else and I'm trying to get to grips with how it all connects together. I've read through a lot of the documentation and whilst watching a video on "getting started logstash" I noticed that they had Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash under management, however on my system I only see Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Running Version: 6.1.1
OS Debian Stretch

sudo -i service elasticsearch status
Active: active (running)

sudo -i service kibana status
Active: active (running)

sudo systemctl status logstash
Active: active (running)

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.


Tried to navigate to the URL provided on the video which gave me the following alert "Logstash: Your basic license does not support Logstash pipeline management features. Please upgrade your license." I think this may answer my question.

Yep, at the top of there is more information about obtaining a license.

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