How to manually update policy or proceed in phase

Hello, I have several times an index will get stuck due to mis-configuration or get an error while testing out the ILM API. I should hopefully get this all resolved but what bothers me is once an index gets stuck like this I don't know how to progress it.

I had a policy for warm phase

"warm": {
    "min_age": "1d",
    "actions": {
      "readonly" : { },
      "forcemerge": {
        "max_num_segments": 1
      "allocate": {
        "include" : {
          "box_type": "hot,warm"

It would get stuck saying "Waiting for [5] shards to be allocated to nodes matching the given filters". Issue is I have no box_type of hot or warm. So how could I then fix this misconfiguration and continue the ilm? Is it possible to update the executing policy on an index? Or to assign a new policy to index but change it's lifetime?

I think my question is largely answered by:

To unblock waiting for allocation issue is to remove the setting on the index itself
For example, remove from the index setting the follow:
"index.routing.allocation.include.box_type": "hot,warm"

Also there's an API to manually move index into a new step

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