How to map C# DateTime property to @timestamp field

I am trying unsuccessfully to se the c# client to bluk insert data into elasticsearch. the client connects successfully, however I now have an issue with the following code:

var settings = client.ElasticsearchClientSettings;

        settings.DefaultIndices.Add(typeof(HardwareData), "metrics-hardware-pristem");
        var data = new HardwareData
            Id = 1,
            System_ErrorLevel = 1,
            timestamp = DateTime.Now
        var timestampMemberInfo = typeof(HardwareData).GetMember("timestamp")[0];
            new PropertyMapping() { Name = "@timestamp" });

        var r2 = await client.IndexAsync(new IndexRequest<HardwareData>()
            Document = data
        Console.WriteLine($"success={r2.IsSuccess()} : {r2.Id} => {r2.Result},{r2.DebugInformation}");

The output of DebugInformation is:
{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"data stream timestamp field [@timestamp] is missing"}},"status":400}

From what I see there is lots of documentation on the NEST api, but very little on the current api, I was unable to find a working example.

What is the easiest way to map a property to a field (particularly the timestamp, since others should map automatically because they have the same name, I cannot use @timestamp as the name) ?

Additionally I tried using json attributes on the HardwareData class to specify the mapping, but that also failed with the same error.

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