How to mask the data in Elasticsearch?


I have some data that can't be exposed. So, I want to mask the data which is existing in the Elasticsearch Index. Is there a way to mask the data in Elasticsearch. If yes, please guide me the right direction.

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Dharma Sanjay Reddy

You can do that with

Thanks @warkolm

Can you please help me in doing this. I'm not able find any thing from the link

@warkolm arkolm Please find the sample data below

Here, I need to mask the name Rakesh in both the fields ("studentName" and "Summary"). Is this possible? Not able to find anything on this part.

In my opinion, ES can not do this like you have raised. Why not excluding the fields that include sensitive information in your searching request.

HI @MrLee

I can exclude "studentName" but can't exclude "Summary" as all the information regarding that record is present in that field. Is there any possibility of writing any regex and mask the data?

This may be?

This may give me the field level access for certain users. I need access to all the fields but instead of that name "Rakesh" I just need to replace somthing like XXXX OR ----- OR Any other string. Please help

ES cannot do that.