How to match a field and a sentence with capital letter and special character?

I'm trying to build an index with documents containing two fields : "name" and "description" and to search these documents.
I'm using the java RestHighLevelClient 6.7.0.
I'm building a document like this :

name :  "Mü"
description :  "My name is Mü"

and I want to match It when using the word

So far I managed to :

  1. build an index
  2. set an analyser on indexation
  3. set an analyzer in the mapping
  4. insert a document
    5 search a document

The probleme is that I always have 0 hit in the search response. Which analyzer shoud i use ? And is the compound query adapted for this kind of search ?

The main method -

  public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
    String indexName = "debug-index";
    String token = "mu";

    ESClient es = new ESClient();



    es.searchDocument(indexName, token);



The EsClient class -

public class ESClient {
  private RestHighLevelClient client;

  public ESClient() {
    client = new RestHighLevelClient(RestClient.builder(HttpHost.create("http://localhost:9200")));

  public void createIndex(String name) throws IOException {
    CreateIndexRequest request = new CreateIndexRequest(name);
    CreateIndexResponse createIndexResponse = client.indices().create(request, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    System.out.print("index is created : ");

  public void createIndexWithMapping(String indexName) throws IOException {
    CreateIndexRequest request = new CreateIndexRequest(indexName);
    CreateIndexResponse createIndexResponse = client.indices().create(request, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    System.out.print("index is created : ");

  public void deleteIndex(String indexName) throws IOException {
    DeleteIndexRequest request = new DeleteIndexRequest(indexName); 
    AcknowledgedResponse deleteIndexResponse = 
    client.indices().delete(request, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    System.out.print("index is deleted : ");

  public void setIndexationAnalyzer(String indexName) throws IOException {
    CloseIndexRequest closeRequest = new CloseIndexRequest(indexName);
    AcknowledgedResponse closeIndexResponse = 
    client.indices().close(closeRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    System.out.print("index is closed : ");

    //Set Indexing analyzer
    String tokenizer = "standard";
    List<String> filter = new ArrayList<String>();

    Map<String, Object> rebuilt_standard = new HashMap<>();
    rebuilt_standard.put("tokenizer", tokenizer);
    rebuilt_standard.put("filter", filter);
    Map<String, Object> analyzer = new HashMap<>();
    analyzer.put("rebuilt_standard", rebuilt_standard);

    Map<String, Object> analysis = new HashMap<>();
    analysis.put("analyzer", analyzer);

    Map<String, Object> settings = new HashMap<>();
    settings.put("analysis", analysis);

    UpdateSettingsRequest requestSettings = new UpdateSettingsRequest(indexName);
    AcknowledgedResponse updateSettingsResponse =
    client.indices().putSettings(requestSettings, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    System.out.print("index settings are updated : ");

    // Open index 
    OpenIndexRequest openRequest = new OpenIndexRequest(indexName); 
    OpenIndexResponse openIndexResponse = client.indices().open(openRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    System.out.print("index is open : ");

  public void setMappingAnalyzer(String indexName) throws IOException {
    //Set Search analyzer (mapping)
    Map<String, Object> name = new HashMap<>();
    name.put("type", "text");
    name.put("analyzer", "rebuilt_standard");
    name.put("search_analyzer", "rebuilt_standard");

    Map<String, Object> description = new HashMap<>();
    description.put("type", "text");
    description.put("analyzer", "rebuilt_standard");
    description.put("search_analyzer", "rebuilt_standard");

    Map<String, Object> properties = new HashMap<>();
    properties.put("name", name);
    properties.put("description", description);

    Map<String, Object> mappingSource = new HashMap<>();
    mappingSource.put("properties", properties);
    PutMappingRequest requestMapping = new PutMappingRequest(indexName);

    AcknowledgedResponse putMappingResponse = 
    client.indices().putMapping(requestMapping, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    System.out.print("index mapping is updated : ");

  public void insertDocument(String indexName) throws IOException {
    Map<String, Object> document = new HashMap<>();
    document.put("name", "Mü");
    document.put("description", "My name is Mü");

    IndexRequest indexRequest = new IndexRequest(indexName, "_doc")
    IndexResponse indexResponse = client.index(indexRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    System.out.print("index mapping is updated : ");

  public void searchDocument(String indexName, String token) throws IOException {
    DisMaxQueryBuilder query = new DisMaxQueryBuilder();
    query.add(QueryBuilders.termQuery("name", token)); 
    query.add(QueryBuilders.termQuery("description", token)); 
    query.add(QueryBuilders.matchPhraseQuery("description", token)); 

    SearchSourceBuilder searchSourceBuilder = new SearchSourceBuilder();

    SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest(); 
    SearchResponse searchResponse =, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    RestStatus status = searchResponse.status();
    System.out.println("Request status : ");

    SearchHits hits = searchResponse.getHits();
    long totalHits = hits.getTotalHits();
    System.out.println("totalHits : ");


  public void close() throws IOException {

I'd use a asciifolding token filter based analyzer.
The french analyzer uses that for example.

See and

Ok thanks, I guess the problem is elsewhere since even with both the lowercase and the asciifolding filter, I have no hit :confused:

EDIT : my bad, i had to wait a few seconds for the document to be indexed before quering the index. I got a match , ty !

You need to call refresh API if you don't want to wait.

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