How to migrate elastic version 5.6.5?

Hi everyone, how to migrate 57 nodes and 58 nodes to the new one, the data volume is 1T, thank you all


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You want to move all the data from node and to the node and then shutdown this last one? Is that correct?

Or do you want to upgrade the whole cluster to a new version as the title says?

Thanks for the reply, I want to migrate 57 and 58 to the new two devices, 59 remains unchanged

You mean? To new machines?

I'd start the 2 new nodes, let them join the cluster, wait for replication to happen.
I'd the exclude the 2 old nodes from the shard allocation and once done, I'd kill the 2 old nodes.

FYI 5.X has been EOL for some time now. Please upgrade ASAP :slight_smile:

Thank you

Thank you Let me try

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