How to migrate older logs stored in one elasticsearch cluster to another new one?

I don't have any paid features of elasticsearch.
Older elasticsearch cluster version is 7.17 and the new one is 8.12.

Snapshot then restore.

just to be more precise i haven't upgraded from 7.17 to 8.12. These are two different clusters.
I want to move logs to a new cluster which is of version 8.12 and the older one is 7.17.

I have to go to snapshot and restore in stack management of older cluster and afterwards?


  • upgrade to the latest 7.17
  • go to the upgrade assistant and check that everything is ok
  • if you are running on, just click the upgrade button

If not, follow the guide :wink: Upgrade Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Guide [8.14] | Elastic

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without upgrading 7.17 cluster to 8.12 I cannot move logs from this cluster to the cluster version 8.12?

Yes you can. With snapshot & restore which was my first answer.

  • Snapshot in 7.x cluster
  • Restore in 8.x cluster
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what are the steps for taking snapshot from 7.17 version of elasticsearch and restoring logs in 8.12 version?

Have a look at Snapshot and restore | Elasticsearch Guide [8.14] | Elastic


If you are blocked at one of the steps, please share what is the issue or what you don't understand from the documentation. We'll be happy to help.