How to monitor %free disk space via metricbeat on windows server

I am newbie on ELK. i want to monitor %free disk space on windows server via metric beat. Anybody can show parameter on windows.yml for solve this issue.

Thank you.


It could system.filesystem.freefrom be the metric you are looking for? Is so you will need to install metricbeat and enable the proper metricset to collect this metric.


My ideal module system maybe not compatible with Windows Server OS. i just enable windows module only in metric beat. like this -> [](https://Window performance metrics) but i not found example to config monitor % free disk space on windows

Thank you.

May be like this

  • object: "LogicalDisk"
    instance: ["C:"]
    • name: "% Free Space"
      format: "float"

HI! I don't think this config will work.

I see metricset is available for Windows. Could you check this out?

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