How to Monitor Hosts for System Updates with Watcher on Elastic Cloud?


We are planning to move our monitoring system to Elastic Cloud without logstash, but there is a problem with the checking for updates and security updates on the server we monitor. And also, we want to know if we can create a watcher alert for the package list for upgrade? Please feel free to suggest a method or a Elastic Cloud product which is capable of resolving our problem.

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We don't provide access to that level of the system sorry to say.

So, thank you for the answer warkolm. If we can write a bash script to check the system updates, how can we write an alert via elastic cloud for the output of the script. The first thing came to my mind is using filebeat to send the output to the elasticsearch.

But for example, I put the output of the bash script to syslog and send it to elasticsearch via filebeat. How can I create an alert for that elastic data? This is the thing confuses me most. Open to suggestions.

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Again, you don't get access to the OS level. It's a managed Elasticsearch service and that is what you can configure.

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