How to monitor ICE framework?

Kibana version:6.5.1

Elasticsearch version:6.5.1

APM Server version:6.5.1

APM Agent language and version:java 1.7

I want to monitor a method that invoke another service

I don't know this framework, so just throwing suggestions:

For tracing your methods, use the public API.

For tracing library methods, use the trace_methods configuration, but please try to be very specific and explicit in what you want to trace with it.

In order to utilize Elastic APM's Distributed Tracing capabilities, you would have to add a trace context on the client side and read it at the server side. You will need to find interceptors for both client and server, and assuming you can add arbitrary context to requests as metadata, you need to set the trace context at the client interceptor through injectTraceHeaders and extract it at the server interceptor through startTransactionWithRemoteParent.

I hope this helps,


Hi,I have a question.I don't understand '->' opentration in the 'span.injectTraceHeaders((name, value) -> request.addHeader(name, value));' and I don't know need what value.

Please don't use multiple topics for the same question, this is causing a non-required overhead.
Answered in the other topic.

Ok,thank you for answer.

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