How to monitor ILM in canvas


I would like to create a Canvas where I can see the number of indexs in hot warm and cold and the the total disk used in each phase., and for example the name of index which has been deleted in the last 24 hours ...etc

Could you tell me please how can I do that, and in which index I can find these information to be able to use SQL queries ?

Thanks for your help

It looks like ILM does not manage its lifecycle using Elasticsearch indices, so you can't query it with SQL. There are publicly exposed ILM APIs that you could use to monitor ILM, but you would need to index the data yourself and then query it.

Thanks for your answer @wylie,
Is it possible de get these information by sending requests to elasticsearch, like with curl or in the Dev Tool of kibana ?

Yes, but there is not a default way to send POST requests from Canvas to ES.

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Thanks for informattion @wylie,

Can you please tell me how to send POST requests to the API to get these information !
Once I get these information, I will see with my team if they can develop a view for me to get what I want in dashboards

Thanks again.

You can't do POST requests from Canvas, unless you register a custom Kibana plugin that registers a new function that is available in Canvas.

If you need to monitor ILM status, you need to set up some automation outside Kibana & Elasticsearch.

Yes I would like to monitor it from outside, by sending some curl requests as it's impossible to use it with canvas

The docs are here: Index lifecycle management APIs | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

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Thanks @wylie

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