How to monitor java threads and ActiveMQ

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Hi Team,

Currently i'm using Kibana,Elasticsearch,Logstash 5.5.2.
Can any suggest how can i monitor ActiveMQ and threads by ELK? I have multiple routes in my fuse environment. I have to monitor each route threads using ELK.

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What kind of metrics from threads are available? Are they published via JMX?

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I have to monitor the memory and thread of each route via JMX. Is it possible to monitor by metricbeat?

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Yes. Take a look into and also

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Hey Thanks,
It is useful.
I have even monitored the ActiveMQ.

But how can i visualise the Enqueue, Dequeue, DispatchCount with respect to QueueName?

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Unfortunately I am not really familiar with ActiveMQ metrics, so I can not tell you exactly where to get this data.

As long as you can make ActiveMQ publish these metrics using JMX, then you can monitor it.

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