How to monitor mysql performance by giving the clients Ip?

I want to monitor the performance of mysql, http requests of the client. I'm having clients ip and they are running mysql. I have to monitor the quiries what they are running. So, what are the changes i have to do?

Packetbeat stores the source IP address for any request in the client_ip field. If you want to see all the queries done by a particular IP address, do a simple client_ip: X.X.X.X search in the Discover tab.

You could also do a "Top 10 IP addresses making queries", that's usually quite cool. Do a histogram queries, and put on the X axis "terms" on client_ip.

What are the changes i have to make in configuration file.. where i have to give ip address of the client in conf file... In conf file its asking the port and output to elasticsearch.. but its not asking from which ip we have to monitor the ports... kindly help me for this..