How to monitor the number of events in Dead letter queue

Hi Team,

We have configured Dead Letter Queue(DLQ) in our Logstash layer.
We want to be alerted when the number of events in DLQ increase beyond a certain limit.

I tried going through the Logstash Monitoring docs, but didn't find. way a metric for this.

Please help in this regard.


I don't know if this is still up to date but would something like this work for you? Monitoring dead letter queue (DLQ)

There is a LogStash REST API which exposes LogStash metrics and according to this post there is a field describing the dlq size in bytes.

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Hi Wolfram,

Thanks for the reply. The size of the dead letter queue can be found out using the REST API.
It would have been better if the metric could have been a part of the .monitoring-logstash indices.

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