How to Monitor the process using metricbeat

How to Monitor the process using metricbeat in windows. Should we include the process details in the configuration yml of metricbeat?

currently without mentioning any process details in config file its only showing process names with . exe

Hi @jisha , what you are expecting on the metric of process detail?.
In the system module document, have a lot of information: image, path, process args, CPU, memory usage

Running process names ex. W3SVC etc

The process name included in metrics event

The process name included in metrics event under metricbeat configuration?

When you enable the module system in the metricbeat agent, a list of metrics set will be enabled by default:

    - cpu             # CPU usage
    - load            # CPU load averages
    - memory          # Memory usage
    - network         # Network IO
    - process         # Per process metrics
    - process_summary # Process summary
    - uptime          # System Uptime
    - socket_summary  # Socket summary
    #- core           # Per CPU core usage
    #- diskio         # Disk IO
    #- filesystem     # File system usage for each mountpoint
    #- fsstat         # File system summary metrics
    #- raid           # Raid
    #- socket         # Sockets and connection info (linux only)
    #- service        # systemd service information

You can see, the metric process is enabled, it contains all information about process like process name, process path, process args, command line, working directory ...
You can check the document : System process metricset | Metricbeat Reference [8.5] | Elastic

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