How to order the query for searching the fields in a particular order

I am new to elastic enterprise search and working on elastic cloud .We would like to rank the searching the fields in the query . Please help us how to achieve this .


I'd like to help, but I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean. Can you please provide more details, perhaps an example of what you want?

Thank you

I am looking how to implement below features:

  1. Search should begin from defined fields . For example - my search should look into Description fields , then Title field then next field.
  2. How to do customized the scoring to present the results. For example I want to present the results to the user based on the score. Highest score data element will be on the top. Scoring will be based on couple parameters such as Paid customer , premium customer , non-paid etc..


You didn't specify the product you're using (or would like to start using), but sounds like this is the question about App Search. Let me know if this is not correct.

  1. You can't specify the order of fields on which search is done. But it really does not matter, in terms of what results are returned.
  2. You can configure which fields are more and less important using field weights and boosts:

Results will be ordered according to the score. App Search includes Query Tester, where you can try your searches and see the results of applying different tuning parameters.