How to parse duplicated keys with different values


I'm trying to parse CheckPoint log which contains duplicated keys but with different values.
For example ... match_id:"555"; match_id:"777"; ...

When I use kv plugin

kv {
  source => "message"
  field_split => ";"
  value_split => ":"
  trim_key => " "

I get something like match_id: 555, 777

Is it possible to get result as

match_id.1: 555
match_id.2: 777

and then rename these fields to 555 777


Thank you :slight_smile:

Use a ruby filter. Something like this.

@Badger thank you for your advice
I've add this code to the filter

ruby {
    code => '
      event.get("match_id").each_with_index { |x, i| event.set( "[match][id][#{i}]", x) }

And what I see in Kibana     1970-01-01T00:00:00.555Z     1970-01-01T00:00:00.777Z

What could be the problem?

UPD: Reindex solved the problem

Reindex solved the problem

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