Logstash Parsing - kv filter

Hi All,

Iam trying to parse the events using kv filter ,

my kibana looks likes this

How to make just

from : ebay@ebay.com

but iam getting like 78AE89C45C: from : ebay@ebay.com

moreover iam getting duplicate fields as well, how to remove it .

my logstash config looks like this

input {
udp {
port => 5540

source => "message"
kv {
source => "MESSAGE"
remove_field => ["MESSAGE"]
value_split => "="
field_split => ","
trim_value => "<>"

Please do help me in fixing this issue ,really need it .

Use a grok or dissect filter to extract the key=value list into a field of its own so that what you're feeding to the kv filter is

from=<ebay@ebay.com> ...

and not

78AE89C45C: from=<ebay@ebay.com> ...
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Thanks Magnus ,I will try this and check :slight_smile:

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