How to parse functionbeat cloudwatch logs

I have recently setup functionbeat to ship aws cloudwatch logs to elasticsearch.

How do i format the message into multiple fields; timestamp, log_id, log_level and the actual message.

I want to parse the message fields. So that it becomes log_timestamp, log_id, level and the object thats remaining is the message.

enter image description here


log_timestamp: "2020-10-02T08:45:37.404Z",
log_id: "77b5e840-0269-4877-99cb-dbdfb4b97094",
level: "INFO",
message: {
  event: 'INSERT',
  payload: {
    person_id: 'd6db17f9-f366-46b1-b5bd-127aebb05c2c',
    game_id: 'a0038f96-b268-415d-bb12-1738f46e377e'

Is there something prebuilt that already does this. i saw this in the documentation but not sure what it is and it didint change anyhthing.

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