Functionbeat JSON logs

Hey Everyone,

So I have Functionbeat working nicely with cloudwatch logs, we use Bunyan to do out logging in JSON format so, for example, some log messages look like this:

"name": "the_log",
"hostname": "ip-1-2-3-4",
"pid": 1,
"level": 30,
"msg": "Some Message",
"time": "2019-04-24T16:56:27.769Z",
"v": 0

I also added the following to the processor


  • decode_json_fields:
    when.regexp.message: '^{'
    fields: ["message", "msg"]
    process_array: true
    max_depth: 5
    overwrite_keys: true
  • add_host_metadata: ~
  • add_cloud_metadata: ~

However, those fields don't appear to get indexed, a normal console.log appears fine but all the JSON bits are missing. Normally these fields just appear so I'm guessing there's something different with Functionbeat?

Thanks in advance


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