Make functionbeat logs show in "Logs" section of Kibana


So I'd like to use the nice new tail functionality for our Lambda logs in Kibana, the logs themselves are going into a filebeat index, but when I click "Logs" it tells me there are none available and obviously as there's no tutorial section for functionbeat(because it's in beta) it's hard to track down what to do.

Any pointers would be very helpful as I'd like to use this on a number of commercial projects.



Aha I think I found it, the interface uses FILEbeat-* as it's index, obviously the one being created is FUNCTIONbeat-* so a change would need to be made to the config.yml - I'm seeing if thats possible in elastic cloud.

Were you able to make this work?

Heya, sorry for the slow response, yes I was by using my own cloudwatch exporter and manually putting the logs into the correct index. Basically functionbeat puts logs into the "functionbeat-blah" index, the Kibana logs interface doesn't notice that, so until that's allowed as a documented option then it's a manual thing, I'm just writing up a blog post now.

You can change which index to puts logs using the index option in the elasticsearch output, but I don't think it will work right away. I will create a issue to follow up.

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