How to parse json logs in logstash

{"className":"","msisdn":"912345678902","method":"HOMEPAGE","externalAPI":"My project info","message":"Delta this is successfull","timestamp":"2022/04/06 21:49:14","timeElapsed":"0:0:0:109"}

This is a custom generated logs pattern for monitoring API response which is 109 milliseconds in last. I want to show it on kibana, I am really a newbie, can someone help me to convert this unstructured data into structured data. Please guide how to write logstash filter for it.

That is JSON, so you can use a json filter to parse it.

json { source => "message" remove_field => [ "message" ] }

To show the response time in kibana it will probably be better to normalize timeElapsed to milliseconds

    ruby {
        code => '
            timeElapsed = event.get("timeElapsed")
            if timeElapsed
                timeElapsed = timeElapsed.split(":")
                if timeElapsed.length == 4
                    event.set("timeElapsedMs", timeElapsed[3].to_i + 1000 * timeElapsed[2].to_i + 60000 * timeElapsed[1].to_i + 3600000 * timeElapsed[0].to_i)
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