How to perform regression testing in Logstash?

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I have a requirement to perform regression testing in Logstash using its binary. There is not much of documentation available on web for the same. I have been following the instructions mentioned in

As mentioned in the README, only Unit and Integration tests are performed on logstash-core. There is no documentation available for functional and regression tests. Can someone please help as to how these tests are to be performed for Logstash?

Also, during the execution of

rake test:core


rake test:plugins

test scripts i have observed that these tests are performed on logstash-core.jar generated during the bootstrap process and no build artifact such as .rpm and .tar is created.
Can someone please confirm, if any build artifact is created for Logstash during the execution of these tests? My understanding is that these tests are performed on logstash-core.jar file generated in ls_home/logstash-core/lib/logstash-core directory.

Any help in this would be highly appreciated !


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