How to populate @timestamp and @version when using Elasticsearch API to import json

How do I use Ealsticsearch API to populate @timestamp and @version as part of the elasticsearch documentation when importing json file?

More information:
In our ELK development process, we are using two different approaches to importing data into Elasticsearch:

  1. Importing log files through Logstash
  2. Importing json files through a customized python script using Elasticsearch API

When importing log files using Logstash, we can specify in the Logstash configuration file whether to populate @timestamp and @version and so on when populating the document in Elasticsearch.

When importing json through a python script using elasticsearch, @timestamp and @version are not populated. What API command should we use here?

Thank you.


Elasticsearch never generates it. You need to provide those fields yourself if you need them.

Thank you for the response!! Now at least I know this option is not available and I can certainly work on a solution for this. Thank you.

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