How to prepare a proper SLA query in Elasticsearch


Currently I am using ELK + Grafana stack and I am supplying it with data from JMeter. Jmeter is responsible for testing web service and asserting the responses - which later on are being pushed to my ELKG stack.

I have created a simple SLA query, which counts all occurences of a particular log, then counts how many of them does have ErrorCount:1 (assertion made in JMeter) and finally I am using a simple math formula to calculate the percentage of SLA:

((all_occurences - errors) * 100 ) / all_occurences

Is it possible to create a query which will count a downtime towards SLA only if.. lets say 10 last occurences of particular element has failed? In other words - I would like to lower the total SLA value only if error has occured 10 times in a row.

It would be the best if I could use the solution directly in Grafana query bar, but I would be happy with anything else.

I have failed miserably trying to find similar issues and I feel helpless at this point. I would be very grateful for any help, keywords, links that could help me achieve my goal.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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