How to prevent logstash output float in scientific notation

Here is a postgresql slow query:

2015-12-25 09:28:34 CST [28500-1] aircare_root@aircare LOG:  duration: 1322.650 ms  statement: update sym_node_communication set locking_server_id= E'shifudaotest', lock_time= E'2015-12-25 9:28:33.403000 +8:0:0', last_lock_time= E'2015-12-25 9:28:33.403000 +8:0:0' where node_id= E'000' and communication_type= E'PULL' and (lock_time is null or lock_time <  E'2015-12-25 7:28:33.403000 +8:0:0') 

The duration is 1322.650

But when I output to e-mail with subject => "slow_query: %{duration} ms", I find it will convert as scientific notation: slow_query: 0.132265E4 ms

How do I do to prevent float output in scientific notation?