How to print input data to logstash-plain.log file?

Hello. I'm using logstash for log collection.

I want to write data coming into logstash to a log file.
I tried many plugins to write data to log file but it didn't work.
And I edit log4j2 settings like = logstash.outputs.stdout
logger.logstash_stdout.level = info
logger.logstash_stdout.appenderRef.rolling.ref = plain_rolling

but it didn't work too.

Is there any other way?

Hi @WonhyeongCho Welcome to the community...

I think you need this... what you are trying to set is just for the logs that are internally generated by logstash not the events that you are collecting through a pipeline.

Hi @stephenb. Thank you for your reply.

I used to use the file plugin.

file { 
   path => "${sys:_logs}/logstash-plain.log" 
   codec => rubydebug

It was work. However I worry about the performance degradation.
The pipeline opens and closes the system log file whenever data comes in and writes the behavior to pipeline log.


Is there any performance issue if there's a lot of data coming in?

Take out the codec and see what happens..

And set

write_behavior => "append"

Even though that's supposed to be the default

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