How to pronounce Kibana?

(张晓庆) #1

This has confused me for a while, could anyone tell me how to pronouce it?

(William Wong) #2

The best is to hear from Rashid on how to pronounce Kibana. Here is a great video:

(William Wong) #3

Here is another good one

(张晓庆) #4

It sounds to me like /kiˈbana/, hope it's correct

(Joe Fleming) #5

It varies a little depending on who you hear say it, but Rashid would be the authority for the "right" way, so that timelion video is a good reference.

Some people say it a little differently, likely because of their local dialect, but it's close enough to be understood. The "ki" is usually spoken as kih or kuh, and the "bana" is sometimes broken up and with a more pronounced bah-nah or bah-nuh.

(system) #6