How to properly handle multi term with stop words syonyms expansion?

I have the following synonym expansion :

suco => suco, refresco, bebida de soja

What i want is to tokenize the search this way:

Search for "suco de laranja" would be tokenized to ["suco", "laranja", "refresco", "bebida de soja"].

But i'm getting it tokenized to ["suco", "laranja", "refresco", "bebida", "soja"].

Consider that the " de " word is a stop word. And i want it to be ignored on the query like "bebida de laranja" becomes ["bebida", "laranja"]. But i don't want it to be considered on the synonym tokenization so "bebida de soja" still stays as one token "bebida de soja".

my settings :

                        "suco => suco, refresco, bebida de soja"

This is what using dedicated search_analyzer settings in the mappings are used for. Keeping the stopwords at index time might lead to other issues down the road though, so you'd certainly do some experimentations on your own. But the flexibility is there.

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