How to provide source Field in _msearch query in ElasticSearch java client version 8

My Elasticsearch's documents are of high size. My service is Java application and its using Elasticsearch java client version 8. Need to run _msearch query on ES. MultisearchBody don't have field of _source. in ES native query I can do this by below query

{ "query": { "bool": { "must": { "match_all": {} } } }, "size": 10000, "_source": [ "personName" ]}

Not able to figure-out how to do this in ES-java client version 8?

Hi @maulik_trapasiya

Did you try like this:

    var response = client.msearch(MsearchRequest.of(ms -> ms.searches(
        List.of(RequestItem.of(ri -> ri
                .header(MultisearchHeader.of(mh -> mh.index("idx_teste")))
                .body(MultisearchBody.of(msb -> msb
                    .query(MatchAllQuery.of(ma -> ma)._toQuery())
                    .source(SourceConfig.of(sc -> sc.filter(f -> f.includes(List.of("personName")))))
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Thanks @RabBit_BR . In elasticSearch java client maven version 8.2.0 this wasn't available. in latest version 8.8.0 this is available

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