How to query a field type of string exactly in URI search?


Here I need to query logs from an external ELK system which only supports HTTP GET request for security.

So I guess I can only use the URI-api to do that. There are many logs but I need only two types in "/var/ftds/trace/" and "/var/log/stat/".

I tried to query them by "q=path:/var/ftds/trace/" or "q=path:/\/var\/ftds\/trace/*/" but failed(no result or not the exact documents).

any suggestions? Thanks.

You can do GET with a body according to the RFC and elasticsearch

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OK, I'll try later, but I am a bit worried if this can effect because the target ELK system is not the original elasticsearch. if it does not support, any way else in URI-search?


What is « the target ELK » means?

BTW we say elastic stack and not ELK anymore.

“the target elastic stack” is a further developed system based on the open source ES which I query from.

a further developed system

Which is?

I mean is that something internal you have in your company and a known product?

not our company's, we just call it ELK.

I don’t understand sorry.

What is the system you’re talking about?

Is it Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana ? Or something else?

Yes, it is Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

And GET with a body works. thank you!

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