How to reduce respone time of elasticsearch

I use elasticsearch to store event logs per day like this

I use one node with 16gb ram 8core, sometimes the response time of my server is too slow. I know I shouldn't use too many shards but I must save one event in one index for query in the future.
this code of my node stats
Thank you for support <3

Why would this be the case?

It looks like you have a lot of very small indices and shards, which is very inefficient and likely to cause performance problems. I would recommend consolidating into fewer larger indices, which should improve performance. How many indices do you have?

I have 3057 indies (1 shard /1 index), I save events from time to time, one event in one day has 1 index, that easy for me to count events per day and show it to chart (like a funnel) in kibana. So do you have any ideas to solve that problem? Thank you for your answer

That is far too many small indices and shards. If you data covers a long time period and you want time-based indices, switch to yearly indices instead. If your data set is growing slowly you may be better off not using time-based indices.

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